Venustas Heated Apparel Announces A Brand New Graphene Pullover Heated Hoodie

October 13, 2021

Venustas pullover heated hoodie unisex

Venustas pullover heated hoodie unisex-2

2021 NEW Venustas 7.4V battery pack

Venustas, the fast-growing heated apparel brand, announces a brand new graphene pullover unisex heated hoodies this season.

SHENZHEN, CHINA, October 13, 2021 / -- Venustas, the fast-growing heated apparel brand, announces a brand new technology for pullover heated hoodies this season. This new type of heated hoodie innovatively adopts graphene as heating elements. By this, Venustas heated apparel will reach another level with higher thermal efficiency, better sustainability while being environmentally friendly.

What Is Heated Clothing?
Winter outerwear is hardly changed for hundreds of years—a thick and insulated shell that traps heat for you to keep warm. But things went different when the first heated apparel was released. It's obvious that the heated outerwear has a heating system, which means it can generate heat itself. And its supporting battery can provide long-lasting power whenever you need it, which makes it a lifesaver when the heat generated by your body is not enough to keep you warm.
Of course, when it comes to the heating system, the material of heating elements matters a lot.

Why Use Graphene?
Graphene is one of the most exciting material developments in decades. Thin and strong, with a superb ability to conduct heat and electricity, it's already being used in many industries. But why use graphene for heating elements? The answer is pretty simple:
-Higher heat-generating efficiency
-Instant heat with fewer wastage
-Electrons travel faster than when they're in the carbon fiber
This significant innovation allows for a longer working time of the Venustas heated apparel while using the same battery packs. The upgraded heating elements contribute to less preheat time and a more stable heat supply. Like Venustas' other heated clothing, the graphene heated hoodies are equipped with UL-certified batteries that can provide up to 9 hours of continuous power.

Upgraded 7.4V Battery Pack
The power and quality of the battery pack, which provides energy to the heating system, are essential. People need a battery that is always ready to go, especially when they are doing outdoor activities. This hoodie is equipped with Venustas newly upgraded battery pack designed for a faster-charging speed, lighter weight, and smaller size. This 5000mAh battery gets a full charge in just 5 hours- faster than the old version! With its proper size and speedy charging, it is the best spare battery to have wherever and whenever people need it.

Venustas heated pullover hoodies are now available in classic black and gray.

Venustas continues to make affordable heated apparel with high quality in mind. From keeping outdoorsy people warm and active to helping alleviate the pain caused by cold, Venustas is the best gift for everyone and their loved ones.

About Venustas
As technology changes the way people live, everyone is more concerned with the wellbeing, especially during the long and cold winter. Founded in 2018, Venustas is a young and lively brand specializing in cold-weather gear, including heated jackets, vests, gloves, coats, sweaters, hoodies and blanket hoodies. Venustas is committed to helping people adventure outdoors in winter with comfort. For more information, visit

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